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Agriculture is highly dependent on external factors such as weather, pests, floods and variations in the international market that conditions its productivity and profitability. Therefore, it is critical to have accurate and current information when making strategic decisions, managing to produce responsibly and efficiently.

Our UAV surveys, combined with satellite images and the measurement of high-precision GNSS systems in the field, are enhanced to obtain the greatest amount of information on a crop in the shortest possible time, optimizing agronomic surveys.

In addition, by georeferencing and identifying each meter of the study area through remote sensors, we are able to carry out accurate measurements and mapping, helping our clients make important decisions based on highly accurate information.

Multispectral analysis in crops

In critical periods of the crop it is necessary to detect possible deficiencies in the growth of the plants, for which the best tool is the multispectral image. Through airborne or satellite sensors we are able to generate maps to enable prescriptions, field evaluations or foliar sampling. For crops such as soybeans, corn or wheat, the different indexes (NDVI, EVI, GNDVI) have allowed us to make measurements and cartographies over thousands of hectares each year, becoming a vital input for our clients.

and area measurement

Our high-precision planimetry and area measurement work has allowed many of our clients to know every meter of their field, either to quantify and classify areas; either to project crops or afforestation, or even to evaluate land prior to buying / leasing.

This tool is your best ally for making important decisions before starting a new project.

Irrigation Planning

Based on the Planimetry and Altimetry products, it is possible to make a projection of a pivot irrigation system with the highest geographical precision, since our measurements are based on the National Geodetic Network (REGNAROU).

At the same time, we work on the planning of gravity irrigation systems, ideal for areas of great relief, mainly in the highlands of the country.


Efficient and intelligent water management can make the difference.

Altimetric maps

From aerophotogrammetric flights we generate digital surface models (DSM) and digital terrain models (DTM) which allow us to define contour lines, drainage maps and basins with high precision; This allows us to trace paths, plan plantations and even simulate the location of eventual constructions to take full advantage of the topography.

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