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21SUR is an Uruguayan aerospace company, leader in obtaining and analyzing geographic data through a unique combination: aerial sensors onboard our own UAS systems, Earth observation satellites (EOS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied together.

Our most valuable capital is the experience of the multidisciplinary team that identifies us, professionals of proven track records in various branches of engineering, working together with GIS technicians, commercial pilots and experts in UAS systems. The long road traveled, the reliability and the constant search for customized solutions, have earned us the trust of the main forestry and agricultural companies in the country.


CEO and Co-Founder

Alejandro is a Telecommunications Engineer and in addition to being a co-founding partner, he serves as the CEO of the company; His profile as an entrepreneur and specialist in technology led him to co-found 21SUR Aerospace in 2017.

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Pablo Guigou
Commercial Manager

Pablo is an associate and Commercial Manager of 21SUR.

He is an Airline Pilot (ICAO and EASA) and Instructor (TRI – SFI) of Boeing B777, B787 aircraft and UAV Pilot (DINACIA).


He has flight experience with airlines in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South America and Africa, mainly transporting passengers but also cargo.He has flown from regional aircraft such as the DC9, MD80, CRJ900 or CRJ100 to long-haul aircraft such as the B777 or B787.He also completed courses offered by ICAO such as Safety Management for PartitionersSMxP (SENASA) and Training instructor (TPP/TIC1 – Trainair Plus).


Today he combines his commercial role with that of a UAV pilot of both fixed wing and multirotor.


Operations Manager and Co-Founder

Pablo is a Co-Founder and Operations Manager of 21SUR Aerospace. GIS analyst and expert in unmanned systems (UAS), he was one of the forerunners in Uruguay of the use of fixed-wing Unmanned Aircraft (UAV) for agriculture, carrying out the country's first long-range commercial operation (BVLOS) with these systems in 2011.

In 2017 he co-founded 21SUR Aerospace to unite his aeronautical vocation with geographic information systems.

Thanks to this acquired experience, he has given conferences both in Uruguay and in the United States in different Exhibitions and Congresses.

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Sebastián Azaretto
Geomatics Manager

Sebastian Azaretto, in addition to being an associate, is Manager of the Geomatics department.

An Agronomist since 2017, he is finishing a Master's Degree in Environmental Audits and is also close to completing his studies in cartography. He is a UAV (DINACIA) certified pilot with experience in fixed-wing and multirotor drones. He has experience in remote analysis with satellite images and aerial images.

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