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The forestry sector represents for Uruguay one of the strongest and most developed industries in recent times. 21SUR Aerospace has been able to accompany it with a strong focus on the development of customized solutions at all stages of this chain; cartography, topography, planning, environment and quality control are some examples. We are strategic partners of our forestry clients.


We provide a very high-precision volumetric service, both in forest lands and in wood storage yards, which was developed by our engineers using a combination of aerial surveying with UAVs in conjunction with Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions; a hybrid and innovative method for the country that has allowed us to differentiate ourselves from similar services, thereby achieving maximum precision and control over each effective cubic meter of wood.

Topography and contour lines

In the planning stage of a property that enters in the forest system, it is vitally important to have precise geographic information, which later allows the layout of roads, delimitation of production areas (stands) and waste, contour lines and maps of slopes, drainage maps, digital surface models (DSM) and digital terrain models (DTM).


21SUR Aerospace generates this information with proven quality, combining data collection with its high precision GNSS systems and added to the RTK/PPK capacity of its UAV platforms.

Cartography and area calculation

During the tillage stage and in young plantations (from 8 to 14 months growth) it is very important to generate an accurate cartography of the production area. Our GIS department provides this information efficiently through a combination of photo interpretation and algorithms.

In addition to this, the management of LiDAR information in adult trees allows our technicians to guarantee the delivery of quality information regardless of the growth stage of the forest plantation.

Tree count

We have automatic counting algorithms developed by our engineers, which obtain a high degree of precision in counting effective trees, differentiating weeds and other false/positives that could generate a greater number of plants than the existing ones.


From this product, population density maps are generated. This allow easy visualization of areas where replenishment is necessary.

Pulp mill stock control

Through periodic surveys, 21SUR Aerospace has supported complex logistics operations within the pulp mill, where it has been necessary to calculate biomass volumes quickly and reliably, thus avoiding endangering personnel on the ground, since it does not interfere with heavy machinery that works on site. The result is the fully digital control of each movement of material within industrial areas, documenting each progress and allowing decision-making with more information.

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