satellite analysis

Surveying large areas with satellites has historically been costly and difficult to access. But now, the ability to analyze this Earth Observation Satellite (EOS) data is widely available to you from 21SUR Aerospace.


Our GIS team has the necessary experience to provide you with the quality data you need, added to the strategic alliance with SKYWATCH.


Today 21SUR Aerospace and SKYWATCH want to democratize satellite images.


Through this satellite data integration platform, we offer unique quality products, while having the largest number of active constellations, instead of working with a single provider.


Obtain daily and updated images of your area of ​​interest in high resolution (up to 50 cm/pixel), and even schedule the taking of a satellite image in the future in the area of ​​the world you want.


After that, leave the analysis and obtaining the data you need in our hands.


Today Space is no longer the limit.

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