Human activity generates an impact on the environment, and aware of this, our business philosophy goes hand in hand with the preservation and responsible use of natural resources. We make technology available for good sustainability practices, always trying to generate a positive impact. Learn about some of our contributions below.


Monitoring of water courses

The importance of rivers, streams and other watercourses for an ecosystem is undeniable, as well as their rational use.


Through our remote sensing tools, we have supported auditing companies in the detection of spills in areas that are difficult to monitor, using the results in subsequent corrective action.

Biological control in crops

In agreement with our philosophy of an environmentally friendly company, we participate together with the Faculty of Agronomy of Uruguay and other private companies, in proofs of concept and implementation of biological control of insects in soybean crops through aerial dispersion (Trichogramma), which allows us control them without the need for the use of chemicals.


Survey of natural disasters

We face an unpredictable climate and the occurrence of violent natural events, where society must react quickly, the support that our technology provides has already been successfully tested in mapping and surveying disaster areas (tornadoes, floods, etc.).

Obtaining the information for the primary damage assessment is vital to provide the best response in the shortest time possible.

Industrial gas emission monitoring

Our company periodically designs and executes monitoring operations to enable the maximum benefit of our customer's specific detection technology, focused on the control of gas emission levels from industrial plants in a joint effort that guarantees fully documented and responsible monitoring of the air quality.


Regenerative land planning

Through the alliance with our clients, we provide topographic surveys for regenerative and friendly landscape planning, efficient water management, intelligent projection of facilities and roads, generating a totally sustainable and aesthetically enjoyable farm architecture for its inhabitants.


Dozens of private projects successfully completed together, speak of the increasingly important smart land planning.

Survey of legal regulations

We carry out surveys of reserves and areas protected by national environmental laws against possible infractions mapping each meter of the land and detecting non-compliance quickly and accurately.


Also using previous satellite images we can carry out a study of the site in past dates, establishing a chronology of its state.


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