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Each course is designed according to the needs of your organization, prioritizing good practices in safety and coordination; giving the right training to build professionals in order to obtain the permit granted by DINACIA with a high quality standard.

Pilot Training

Customized courses for companies and organizations, focused on training in flight operations and safety with drone/UAV systems.

Over the years, our professionals have achieved a high operating standard, prioritizing team operations over traditional individual operations.


That is why we decided to share with other companies or organizations our "way of doing" to add value and safety to the operations.

GIS Processing

We generate training instances based on the data that your company needs to obtain, personalizing and focusing on your specific needs, accompanying the student at each step to achieve efficient information management.

This includes GIS process flows, aerial and satellite image management, field data collection with GNSS systems, and reporting.

Technical seminars on image interpretation

Our seminars are intensive workshops with a specific focus, aimed at professionals who need to enhance their geospatial analysis capacity on a particular topic. This is where we focus the practical processes of satellite analysis, listening to the needs raised and generating practical solutions to them, together with the student.

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